Thursday, 22 December 2016

Tips for Shipping a Bedroom Set

One of the most valued items that you keep in your home is your bedroom set. The reason is that it is fully customized to provide the comfort of a level of your desire. However, a bedroom set is also a heavier and oversized bulk that gives fair amount of struggle when you try to move it to another home, which may be located in another city. In that situation, it would be of your utmost priority to keep the bedroom set away from the harm’s way.

Below are some tips to help you in the moving process of bedroom set.

Packaging Bedroom set items

First you need to secure the bedroom set in an ideal way. For that purpose, you need to get appropriate shipping supplies that would be used to prepare your items for a move.
  • Starting with the mattress packaging, you will need to get the poly mattress bags. These bags provide excellent protection to the mattresses against dirt and dust. Moreover, you can also get special boxes to pack the mattresses.
  • Next one is the bed frame. Bed frame usually consists of detachable parts. You need to disassemble the bed frame and secure them using moving blankets and then putting them in the moving boxes.
  • Headboard is the bed’s display, which needs to be preserved well. For this purpose, you will have to make sure that no part of it is damaged, and there aren’t any scratches on the finished surface. To protect the surface, you can use polypropylene foam layer. For cushioning, use a moving blanket. Then you will need to put the headboard in a sturdy box of appropriate size.
  • After you have secured the parts of bed, you now need to pack the other items like dresser and nightstand securely. The movable parts like drawers and cabinet doors should be sealed with packing tape. If these items are finished well and you want them to retain their shin during and after the move, follow the packing procedure that of headboard.
  • Keep the parts, which are used to assemble the bedroom set, secure in the bags and cartons. Labels the bags and cartons to make reassembling easier.

Transporting the bedroom set
Equal attention is required to make the transportation of bedroom securer. Consider following points before hiring a moving or shipping company.
  • Check the license’s validity of the carrier.
  • Make sure that carrier is required expertise in moving the heavy and delicate furniture items.
  • Check the trucks condition. Make sure it is well-maintained and is in proper working order.
  • Ask the shipper if they would pick the safe and smooth route to the destination.
  • Take time to have an insight on the several factors that decide shipping costs.
  • Ask for the references in order to further check the credibility of shipper.

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